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1. Fast growth

Become Part of the success journey of one of the state of art equipped on-demand market players in the Dry Cleaning and Washing Services in Lahore, the Capital City of Punjab, with moderate middle class.


2. Deliver great service

Our Drivers or Partner Drivers will bring the customer order to you. No worry about collection, delivery or customer support.


3. We’re partners

Lavanderia support you all the way with our dedicated Facility Support TEAM.

Contact us for Partnership

  • +92 311 4199 500

  • 042 3 5957999

Free sign up, hidden charges nil and a dedicated
Facility support TEAM to assist

No hidden Charges

Sign up fee, no hidden CHARGES

Dedicated Support Team

Lavanderia dedicated Facility support team to SUPPORT, if needed

Perform what you perform best

Being Dry Cleaning Partner, all you to perform is what you do best, provide top quality laundry processing

Lavanderia take care after the rest

We will be responsible of all customer service, deliveries, marketing, technology developments, sales and MUCH more.