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Lavanderia Dry Cleaning Procedure

Deep stain removal
Regular cleaning
Spring cleaning
Move out/in cleaning
Removing unfriendly odors
Soda removal
Chewing gum removal
Dust removal
Coffee removal
Blood removal
Ink & Chocolate Removal
Crayon removal

Our Process

You tell us when to collect your shirts and other items.
We might be able to collect it as soon as in 30 minutes.
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Step 1

We look for stains and start manual stain removal.

Step 2

We verify if the stains are in the process of being removed.

Step 3

We wash the clothes with our special mix detergent.

Step 4

We check again for
the stains.

Step 5

We start the drying,
folding and ironing

Step 6

We deliver your shirts and other items on a day/time of your convenience.

Step 7

Why Lavanderia’s delivery system works

  • Free delivery to your door

  • Delivery at a time of your choosing

  • Controlled Cleaning Environment

  • Item independently Cleaned

  • Multi-location delivery with mobile GPS tracking

  • Turnaround as per Schedule

  • Mutilation free assurance

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